There’s one lesson that has stuck with Natalya throughout her career: to be open and honest with others. It’s the first step to building brilliant work relationships – something essential in her role as Innovation Marketing Manager for Russian dairy brand Domik v Derevne.

What's your role at PepsiCo?
I’m an Innovation Marketing Manager for Domik v Derevne, one of the most famous dairy brands in Russia and a key part of PepsiCo Russia’s portfolio. Working for such a big brand means high expectations for the products we launch, so I not only need to come up with ideas for new products, but I also need to make sure departments are working together well. From the R&D team to the engineering team to the marketing team, we use the power of collaboration to drive the future of PepsiCo.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
I love my job and the work I do. My role is all about understanding food and drink trends, and I think it’s magic that what I’m doing today will shape what people eat and drink in the future. That’s one part, and the other is that the people I work with are great. They’re very talented, very experienced and we work well together and it shows in our results. That’s what inspires me to come in to the office every day.

What were you doing before PepsiCo?
I always knew I wanted to work in marketing, and for a company that has a broad portfolio of products. Before PepsiCo, I worked for another FMCG company, working my way up from a Junior Brand Manager to Senior Brand Manager. My experience includes communication strategy, brand positioning and agency management.

How have you progressed through PepsiCo?
I came to PepsiCo as a Senior Brand Manager in November 2014, and a year later I became an Innovation Marketing Manager. Originally it was just me responsible, but now I have a team around me, and we’re working hard together to create the next big thing for Domik v Derevne.

What’s the work environment like at PepsiCo, and how have you tried to contribute?
There are a lot of people – a huge amount of people! I love being able to work with people from all backgrounds. It’s inspiring to see our differences lead to unexpected and incredible results. And seeing how much we respect our differences at PepsiCo has an effect on our personal lives too: we understand that the people around us – from our friends, to our family, to the people we don’t know – might be different from one another, but we all have our own unique qualities.

Is it different to places you've worked before?
All my previous companies were quite small, so I’m enjoying the challenge of managing communication with a wider range of people. At a small company you can just pop over to someone’s desk and ask a question, whereas at PepsiCo you might not know all of your colleagues – but you are united by a common aim here.

What's your proudest professional moment to date?
Because I work on a lot of big projects that can take two to three years to complete, it can be difficult to show people what you’ve done! But for me I’m always proud when you test a product, concept or idea and you get good feedback from consumers and discover that you’re really onto something – that’s always an exciting moment.

How do you define success? And how are you doing?
I think being successful is about having a clear understanding of what you do, how you do it and what makes it important. These are essential parts of being passionate about your job, and if you’re passionate about your job you’ll do your bit to create a positive environment where everyone is working well together and helping each other overcome challenges.
At PepsiCo, you can be proud of your ideas, and that helps us create the best products.

What do you want to achieve next at PepsiCo?
Right now I’m working on a really big functional project which we will see the results of next year. I’m really excited and pretty nervous too! That’s my main focus for this year: I want this project to be a success, not just for me, but for PepsiCo and Domik v Derevne. I want to make our brand stronger, open up new areas for consumers and make PepsiCo stronger against our competitors. Unfortunately I can’t tell you too much about the project as it’s confidential at the moment – wait a year and check back in!

What's the most important career lesson you have learnt?
Be open and honest with people. It solves workplace issues, builds relationships and manages expectations. And when you have good teammates, you can do anything.

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